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Hello! We are Greg and Alysa

Travel and exploration are a huge part of our lives. In fact, they are so important that we decided to devote ourselves to traveling full-time.

Before pulling up roots and selling most of our possessions we were educators. Education is still very important to us and we feel that there is no better school than this amazing planet we live on. Getting out of our nicely defined, and often self-imposed, comfort zones is the best way to learn and grow. We have made it our mission to meet new people, experience other cultures and ways of life, and try new things we never knew about before.

This website is here so that we can share it all with you so that you can learn from our experiences and do it too.


Read on to learn our story….

We met in 2007 shortly after finishing college. We were working together in a museum in Boston and it wasn’t long before we started spending time together after work, and then more time together.

Wanderlust caught us both at an early age. We had both traveled as children with family and had briefly studied abroad in college. Alysa had planned to spend several months in Mexico after college, and Greg, totally smitten at this point, decided to follow.

From 2008 into 2009 we spent nearly six months living in Oaxaca, Mexico where we learned Spanish and even more about ourselves.

We always planned to return and resume the “normal” expectations of society: get a career, get married, get a house, etc. We still traveled a lot. But they were always vacations with a defined beginning and end. When they were over in a week or two we would return to the old grind.

We did all that for a while, and might still be doing it today if something terrifying and unexpected hadn’t happened.

Alysa had been very tired. Tired all the time. Work was exhausting. That must be it, we thought. Maybe when you turn thirty you slow down and can’t keep up with your twenty-something self anymore. It’s easy to explain away problems.

However, some problems can’t be ignored. In September of 2015, Alysa visited her doctor complaining of what surely was a bad case of the flu that just wouldn’t quit. Long story short, it wasn’t the flu, but Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Six months of chemotherapy can really put life in perspective. Another patient at the hospital told us something that really resonated. She said that cancer “doesn’t make the clock tick faster. It makes it tick louder.”

It was during those hard difficult months that we started talking about how we could live a life on our terms, doing what matters for us.

So… what’s next?

We will be spending the (un)foreseeable future on the road. Starting back in Mexico and other parts of Latin America we hope to learn more about ourselves and this amazing world. We want to share it all with you, so please follow along with us and share any suggestions, information, or questions you have.

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